Oh Wow..


I will always support you.. As long you still love me.. and never leave me whatever it takes to fight for it..

I wanna show how much I love you.. I would die for you if I should..

I never felt so much love as I ever have before..

I will do whatever you want me to do.. As long as I feel that right.. And not contradict with what I believe in for so long..

I will learn, study, and try to know, whatever it takes to understand and improve you and us.. and our future family..

I have so much things to say.. But.. oh wow.. I only have a little bit time..

I L O V E Y O U.. W I T H  A L L  M Y  H E A R T..


Google and Unfair Competition

I thought Google is the best search engine ever.. He’s like a God of SE to me with their super relevant results.

But yesterday I found something terribly annoying for me..

I’m an iPhone user and I really love the device.. But since Google have their own device so called Android smartphone every time I tried to search with the “iPhone is the best” as the query it will always giving me shocking results and I think it’s unfair..

Just take a look of it..