How do I quit smoking?

First, I gotta admit that quitting smoking habit is the hardest part of my life..

Been there done that.. trying to quit several times until I give up.. There’s no way I can’t stop sucking and burning those stupid cigarettes..

But finally the enlightenment began.. I found some electronic cigarette in 7/11 convenience store and I bought it..

I tried it.. and I began my research about e-cigarette..

Well.. I found it a little bit healthier since you don’t have to suck the carcinogens found in the tobacco..

Read my quote about e-cigs here

After a while.. I finally can breath deeper.. and I finally know how bad the smell of real cigarettes is..

But I still sucking those electric cigarette though for 3 months.. and now finally I’m free..

No more cigarettes… A new healthy lungs.. Healthier me..