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Target eCPM-

TLD: Cold IPs: $0.35 or less Warmed IPs + Good Rep: $1.25+ Warmed IPs + OK Rep: $0.50 GI: 1 Domain / 1 IP / Segregated Data: $0.75-$1.50 1 Domain / Many IPs / Seg’d Data: $0.25-$0.50 Before sending even 1 email, cull your GI list by using a simple bell curve to exclude domains […]

Main Difference of Mailing TLD vs GI

The main difference in mailing these comes down to resource management. TLD/Big 4/Cables = long term, reputation building, IP health and warming GI = churn-n-burn Both offer fantastic revenue earning possibilities. Both come with their own unique problems. Both require constant learning.

The Truth of Inboxing GI

Truth is inboxing GI is easier than TLD, wayyy easier… doesnt need much ip warmup as compared to TLD… You said big companies spend tons of money on firewall etc. NO, don’t u think they might have better things to worry about instead of spending tons on spam filter? Free providers(hope u meant tlds) have hundrends […]

Five Main Factors of Deliverability Issues

If one is simply looking to ping (i.e. perform an SMTP check) on email addresses, which is what the companies listed above all do, then you’re not going to be solving your deliverability problems. Deliverability issues are the result of five main factors in the following order of priority: The existence of spamtraps and/or honeypots […]

Getting More Datas, IPs, and Domains to test

Honestly, i would rather focus more on getting more data, ips, domains. Then once done, i would get more data, ips and domains….assuming your system is delivering and inboxing. All post delivery analysis such as mentioned are actually good but in mailing you have to focus on delivery, inbox, and then engagement. Even if you […]

The Key of Mailing Succesfully

Again the key is NOT mailing for revenue, but instead simply to engage the recipient to determine if the address is active. Then you take the cleaned data and mail for revenue.. I think people sometimes make the mistake of ALWAYS trying to maximize revenue on every drop when in fact some toilet flushing, and […]

Mailing Vertical

I think assuming data from “vertical x” will respond to offers in the same vertical is a mistake in and of itself. The thing to do IMO is try a high clicker type of offer like coupons, zip/email submits – something well branded that will illicit that click you’re looking for. Load up something completely […]

What Emailing Business is Mainly About

Emailing business is mainly about 1. data (good or at least fresh) 2. ips (and maintaining reputation – see #1) [several for Big4 Broadband / 1 a day for GI] 3. MTA supporting current standards (DKIM, SPF, DMARC, ip throttle, message throttle, back offs, etc…) 4. domains (for infrastructure – froms, clicks, rdns, fbl, etc…) […]