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The IM/MMO Email Marketing Method

Hell, I just found out that the strategy for this email marketing program of Bizopp or MMO has nothing to do with building “relationships”. The system is about Volume. 90% of all solo ad providers build their lists with SWAPS and this program show you how to make money in that kind of environment. The […]

Google & Bolt Indonesia Automated Queries

If you always got this when searching in Google using Bolt in Indonesia Then you’re not alone. I’m not sure what’s wrong with Internux (Bolt) IP Address from Google perspective so Google always assume we’re the bad guy by sending automated queries. The solution is: 1. Using proxies, search in yahoo for free proxies 2.Buy […]

How to Make Money Sending Emails

I found this method where you create an email list and then use that to market(I’m not the first one to use it but it could be helpful to some people). Basically what you are doing is buying solo ads, sending people to a squeeze page and getting them to opt-in to your auto responder, […]

Starting Email Marketing Journey

It’s been a long time since I haven’t update this blog, I’m kinda busy with my job as a Head of Digital Marketing in one of reputable digital agency in Jakarta. I’m going to put my spare time and learn about email marketing since I’m eagerly to learn how to build a list, getting people […]

Why I am not religious?

I believe that there’s something that makes all of this into existence, there is at least one supernatural forces that govern all of the dynamic movement of the universe. Limited the power of the human mind is more or less did not reach the knowledge that the creator was making my beliefs on religion faded. […]

Makin Anehnya Google AdWords

Satu hal yang bikin saya pusing hari ini iklan untuk client yang QS sudah 10 tapi iklan tidak muncul di Google karena low AdRank.   Never had it before. Damn, ini karena budgetnya udah mau habis.. aneh padahal gw udah masukkin voucher dengan benar.