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Tribute to Beyonce

From the most pretty of the prettiest woman on earth is Beyonce Knowles. No one can beat her! She’s beautiful, she can sing awesome, she dance unbelievable and she’s great! I wonder if in this world there’s one more girl like her.. Find me one will ya..

What The Flu!

Darn.. I got a cold.. This is the most contagious disease on earth.. Whole restaurant got this.. Including me.. I wonder why do I always got flu every winter come..

What a Mistake Will Do for YoU..

It’s really hard to admit.. let’s say that you’ve made mistake.. I did.. as I’m the most stubborn people on earth.. I made a mistake which would cost me a lot.. But what can I get from them.. That I’ve got learning experience which was so expensive! Now I want to start again from the […]

Cash Management

It really hard for me to manage my money.. once they’re in.. they will be out soon.. I even got bank overdraft yesterday.. So the conclusion is.. I need to have a really tight money management.. Eventhough I’ve got salary like let’s say $4000 if I purchase something more than $3900 then I will get […]

Selling RockBandHelp.com

I’m selling my RockBand Forum site here.. http://flippa.com/auctions/111816/Top-450k-Rock-Band-Forum—SEO-Friendly-Submitted-to-Over-500-Directory Well it’s not actually my site, but yeah.. it’s mine already 🙂 I hope it could pass more than $500

Slight profit

Made $600 profit last night through selling my sites, I wish I could do more in the next week.

Grand Opening

It’s been a long time actually. I used to have a blog before with my name in it like in ajie.info or a personal blog in BlueFame forums. At first I want to use ajiewibowo.com as the domain, but I thought it wasn’t good because it’s kind of long letter and it’s reveal my whole […]