Main Difference of Mailing TLD vs GI

The main difference in mailing these comes down to resource management.

TLD/Big 4/Cables = long term, reputation building, IP health and warming

GI = churn-n-burn

Both offer fantastic revenue earning possibilities. Both come with their own unique problems. Both require constant learning.

Getting More Datas, IPs, and Domains to test

Honestly, i would rather focus more on getting more data, ips, domains. Then once done, i would get more data, ips and domains….assuming your system is delivering and inboxing.

All post delivery analysis such as mentioned are actually good but in mailing you have to focus on delivery, inbox, and then engagement.
Even if you have 10000000000% engaged data…..

The Key of Mailing Succesfully

Again the key is NOT mailing for revenue, but instead simply to engage the recipient to determine if the address is active. Then you take the cleaned data and mail for revenue.. I think people sometimes make the mistake of ALWAYS trying to maximize revenue on every drop when in fact some toilet flushing, and dumping of inactive data, will improve delivery and you’ll make more money mailing less…

Mailing Vertical

I think assuming data from “vertical x” will respond to offers in the same vertical is a mistake in and of itself. The thing to do IMO is try a high clicker type of offer like coupons, zip/email submits – something well branded that will illicit that click you’re looking for. Load up something completely different and give it a shot; doesn’t sound like you have much to lose rev wise at least!

What Emailing Business is Mainly About

Emailing business is mainly about

1. data (good or at least fresh)
2. ips (and maintaining reputation – see #1) [several for Big4 Broadband / 1 a day for GI]
3. MTA supporting current standards (DKIM, SPF, DMARC, ip throttle, message throttle, back offs, etc…)
4. domains (for infrastructure – froms, clicks, rdns, fbl, etc…) some of this doesn’t apply to GI but to Big4 Broadband

As for offers, subjects, format, servers, networks – DO 1-4 first !
The rest is just tweaking and optimizing.
These are also important but without 1-4, it will be an uphill battle.

Even if you have the dumbest subjects in ugly broken english text format
promoting a used condom with a flaky network or advertiser, YOU WILL get opens and clicks
and maybe 1 convert if 1-4 is in place.

Ternyata Gombal Baik Untuk Kesehatan

Penelitian menunjukkan bahwa gombal ternyata memberi pengaruh positif bagi kesehatan, terutama jika Anda sudah menginjak usia 30 tahun. gombal tersebut dianggap bertindak layaknya sebuah pengingat bagi orang untuk hidup sehat dan lebih aktif.
Penelitian yang didasarkan pada wawancara di Inggris menunjukkan bahwa orang yang kurang aktif merasa bahwa gombal dari anggota keluarga, pasangan, atau anak, dapat memengaruhi kesehatan mereka dengan cara positif.

“Anda mungkin merasa nyaman duduk di sofa atau berlama-lama membaca buku, namun saat pasangan Anda mengatakan, ‘Ayo beranjak dan lakukan sesuatu’, ternyata itu sebuah pengingat agar kita lebih aktif,” papar salah satu peserta penelitian, dilansir melalui Dailymail, Senin (23/4).

“Namun, yang terpenting adalah ‘gombal yang baik’ harus diterapkan. Penelitian ini juga menganjurkan jika Anda sudah aktif dan sehat, maka tak perlu lagi ngegombal,” tambahnya.

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