Starting Email Marketing Journey

It’s been a long time since I haven’t update this blog, I’m kinda busy with my job as a Head of Digital Marketing in one of reputable digital agency in Jakarta.

I’m going to put my spare time and learn about email marketing since I’m eagerly to learn how to build a list, getting people subscribe to my newsletter, engage with them, and hopefully make profit.

So, here are the steps I take:

1. Register to some of relevant FB groups.
One thing that come in mind that I have to build relationship with list builders, they usually gather in clickbanking and solo ad groups.

2. Finding Clickbanking Partners
I’ll start slowly, start with just 4 of partners and from there I’ll learn a lot.

3. Setting Up Tracker (ClickMagick)
I kinda hate this, I already have CPVLab in my server, but since everybody in this industry use ClickMagick than I guess I have to, well it just $12/mo for start, not bad.

4. Setting Up High Converting Squeeze Page
This supposed to be easy, I have InstaBuilder, and it’s the easiest thing to do.

5. Thank You Page and Download Page Setup
InstaBuilder will do these pages for me.

6. Autoresponder Setup
Already have Aweber, will use it.

7. Tracking, Tweaking and Improving Your Funnel
These would be the hardest part? I guess so, although I’m not really new in these kinds of things, well not to be brag of course.

That’s it for now, will update later soon, and oh, I’ll need to update my blog theme, it sucks!

Why I am not religious?

I believe that there’s something that makes all of this into existence, there is at least one supernatural forces that govern all of the dynamic movement of the universe.

Limited the power of the human mind is more or less did not reach the knowledge that the creator was making my beliefs on religion faded.

Religion has always maintained that the human mind can not think of God which means that humans can not dig more deeply about the existence of God. In other words, religion makes people have to trust completely, and this blind faith as if conscience bothered me.

Then if God really exist, do we really need religion?

Religion was created to make people’s lives better, more organized, and more moral.

But in many cases there is, religion makes people become terrorists, a war between religions, fundamentalist redundant, and others.

Humans are inherently may like set, therefore they might need religion. But for my case, it looks like I’ll just skip it, for me, religion is less relevant to my daily life.

I was not good for the long post, but at least it’s just a picture of my actual position.

God, wherever you are, forgive me for my thoughts, and God wherever you are, thank you for creating me.

Makin Anehnya Google AdWords

Satu hal yang bikin saya pusing hari ini iklan untuk client yang QS sudah 10 tapi iklan tidak muncul di Google karena low AdRank.



Never had it before.

Damn, ini karena budgetnya udah mau habis.. aneh padahal gw udah masukkin voucher dengan benar.

Ah Loss Lagiiii

Kesalahan hari ini:

1. Terlalu cepat OP (pasar London baru dibuka) aka terburu-buru
2. Pasar hari ini susah diprediksi, lebih baik out saja!

Apes di Angka 19

Setelah 19 kalo OP tak terkalahkan akhirnya apes juga.

Kesalahan hari ini:

1. Jangan lakukan OP yang berbeda posisi (long/short) untuk satu pair dalam hari yang sama.

2. Jangan lakukan kebodohan itu dua kali.

3. Harap lebih berhati-hati lagi untuk melakukan trading di hari Senin, terlalu banyak sideaway.