The IM/MMO Email Marketing Method

Hell, I just found out that the strategy for this email marketing program of Bizopp or MMO has nothing to do with building “relationships”.

The system is about Volume. 90% of all solo ad providers build their lists with SWAPS and this program show you how to make money in that kind of environment. The strategy is different. Not every strategy is about “buiilding relationships” with your list. You can’t build relationships with an inbox that is saturated with competition. This show you have to make money in that environment. I don’t think your realize how much money people on the top of adswaps make. It’s over 10k a month.

2nd – You do understand that the model works based on adswaps which gives you new lead flow. Read up on the strategy. You don’t invest 5k every month. You do adswaps to drive fresh leads into your funnel and make profit on the thank you page. That’s how it works. The inner auto responder mailing are for swaps and there is also double optins that are used. There is more to the model then whats’ in his report. The only way to konw is to get the training.

The point is that solo ads are built with ad swaps. Go to and you will see that almost all solo ad sellers build their lists this way. If you do a swap with someone then they now get emails from 2 marketeres instead of 1. When you sell solos and do swaps the inbox becomes saturated and that is why you can’t build a relationship with the subscribers with this traffic source.

The point of a model is to get volume, by reating a system with consitent lead flow. These are just two diferent models.

Banner media costs money. You need to have a high life time value of a customer for it to pay back within a resonable time frame. This model alows you to build up capital. It’s a different model.

After reading those points above I want to clarify some things.

1st: The model is not to be used to sell solo ads. The point of the model is to create volume for the thank you page. Imagine that you have a cost per lead cpa offer on the thank you. You get 2 dollars a lead (times) 200 clicks a day. Once they are in your list you swap to get fresh leads into your funnel. Plus you can do CPA offers that are per sale. As a reminder, alot of CPA offers sell through the phone. they don’t use email marketing because of the saturation so the lead value is there, just not through email marketing.

2nd: $15 to $16 an hour.

Based on my experiences I hired people over seas in the philippines, india, et and you can easily find 1.25 – 2.00 an hour employees. The issue as with everything else is simplification of tasks so they don’t get confused. One of the possitive sides of this model is that you can simplify it so that 15 can be 8- 10 profit after payroll. That is not bad considering you are not doing anything. It’s an outsource-ble model . If you look at hiring a phone sales team for example then that is harder to outsource and requires alot of volume and more cost to keep going and 2 an hour won’t cover that.

3rd: High life time value. At the end of the day the biggest problem with all Solo buys is saturation of the inbox. This is why I think this model has a downside. The goal here is to figure out how to mail more to apear ahead of the competition. This is where you start geting into double optins and setting up your own mailing server, etc..

The bottom line is you can’t build a realtionship here as suggested because relationship building through email marketing is done when your prospect opens your emails in a procedural order. You can forget about doing that with solos. IT’s not something that I believe can be done.

IF someone is selling solos to their list that’s a red flag. They are selling competition to their own inbox. This is why you pay the rates you do with media buys, etc.. You are buying access to a polluted inbox with solos. The only thing you can do here is swap and extract clicks that pump your funnel front end thank you.

To create high customer value in the internet marketing niche you are required to have a deep funnel. Look at MOBE for example: They have events, their MTTB, and MLR. Even then matt loyde did a webinar showing how not all media buys are profitable.

With this model you are concentrating on volume over depth. It’s not a bad model, it’s great but you need to have a DEEP funnel and even then it won’t pay back with liquidation of some kind to give you enough cash flow to eat.

I just think this model is something that works when done correctly and people are quick to bash everything without understanding that it’s a different environment. You can still make it work. I wouldn’t give up on it so fast..

So.. The point is now, I need to make it work!

How to Make Money Sending Emails

I found this method where you create an email list and then use that to market(I’m not the first one to use it but it could be helpful to some people). Basically what you are doing is buying solo ads, sending people to a squeeze page and getting them to opt-in to your auto responder, where you can send them cool products. It might sound complicated, but keep reading and it will get cleared up a bit. First I will just give some definitions.

Squeeze page – This is a webpage that’s entirely dedicated to capturing a visitor’s name and e-mail address. This is what allows direct response marketers to build a list on the Internet … develop a relationship with that list … and then sell products and services to the prospects on that list.

Auto Responder – Automated programs which are established to return a prewritten message upon receipt of e-mail. Program will grab the return address from the “header” of the message. Typically, these programs will send out the canned message within seconds of receipt.

SLO – Self-Liquidating offer. Pretty much means however much you spend on solo ads, you will have this offer on the other end, making almost all if not more of your money back (usually more, but we’ll get into this later)

Conversions – People who Opt-in to your email list. Basically the higher the conversion rate, the better your squeeze page is and the more sales that you make. You want to have a high converting squeeze page.

So now that you know the basic terminology, we can get started. I will try to be as thorough as possibly.

The Whole Idea : You want to build the biggest list possible. On average, per month, for every subscriber on your list you would make $1. If you have 100,000 people on your list, and you send out an email promoting a product where you make $50 per sale and only 2% bought it, you would make $100,000. From sending 1 email. Now obviously this is rare, but if you send emails every day, you can easily make $40,000 a month from this method alone. Now to the prices of solo ads. You can buy a click for about $0.35 on average, so say you have 25$ to start. You can buy about 71 clicks. From those 71 clicks, 28 Opt-in. They are then sent to your SLO and 2 people buy it. You will make all of your money back and more. That’s an average 28$ a month just from 1 ad, and you have your money back from the SLO. Now lets say you buy some every week adding 25$ each time, but including the money you previously made. The nest week, you send out 142 ads. 56 Opt-in, and 3 sales. You made the money back plus 58 subscribers. Now you are making around 80$-90$/month. Within just 3 months, you would have about 2,500 people, and thus around 2500$/month. At 6 months, 10,000 opt-ins, 10k a month, and at just 1 year, 40k people and 40k a month. Just remember we are talking about average statistics. So could be more and some could be less; nothing is guaranteed, but it is likely you will have similar results. Some people say the money is in the list, but really the money is in your relationship with the list, so be as nice as possible and build a character that is easy to relate to. Now lets get down to business.

Step 1 : You want to find a good product to promote. Since this doesn’t require SEO (Unless you want to get more Opt-ins by using this method with SEO [Image: wink.png]…) You should choose one with a high gravity. I go to CBengine to find products. Find one with a high gravity and go check it out. If it looks nice and professional, choose it. I recommend going on YouTube and looking for a review and what you will learn when someone buys this. Write down/type a few key points. You will need this for step 2.:

Step 2 : Time to make a squeeze page. I use which is one of Russell Brunsons products. It is completely free to use and it makes unique, high-converting squeeze pages. It basically makes it look nice. What you want to do here is either make a video explaining what you get and why you should buy this product, or you can just put bullet points (it automatically makes the bullets into green check marks which will increase conversions.) Then you will need an auto responder to make a opt-in form. I will talk about this in the next step.

Step 3 : Now you need an auto responder. The best one out there is Aweber. Everything with it is the best, including customer service. It is 1$ for the first month, but if you want a free one for the first month, go with GetResponse. I highly recommend going with Aweber though, because it is hard to transfer your list later. You want to set up your web form (with the thank you page being the offer you are promoting) and get the html code from it. Then paste the web form html code in the squeeze page (there is a box in the setup that requires this, you can’t miss it). I won’t go to much in depth on this because you can look it up on YouTube. You need to set up your follow up messages too. You can see how to do this on YouTube (its VERY hard to explain without a video, so try to find one there). You should have about 14 emails ready to send out through out the next month. After that month, you will have a very good relationship with your list. You can now send out broadcasts and products that you are promoting. Soft sell them. Also, always cloak your links. you can look up how to do this on YouTube (who would have guessed :P). NOTE: I can’t stress how important it is that you test all of this (With respect to making sure they are being send through your affiliate link and everything. You don’t want to be sending 1000 clicks through the offer and not your affiliate link). Once that is done, you want to start sending traffic, which brings us to step 4.

Step 4 : There are a lot of solo ad providers. I only go with ones that have good reviews. You usually can find this with Reed Floren’s reviews ( You can read more about solo ads there. You can usually get about 100 clicks for 40$. Remember, this is HIGH quality traffic. I just recommend staying away from Bilaal Hussain, he doesn’t deliver as promised. Everyone else seems good though. Some you will need to write a swipe for, other will do it for you. A swipe is just an email for the advertiser to send to his/her list. Just write something that you think will convert well… Mini pre-selling sort of. Just make sure to start small, with the lowest offer they have, and if it works for you, then move up to the bigger ones.

Step 5 : Make sure you are consistent. Always check to see how many opt-ins you have and how many sales, and always cloak and track your links. Build a good relationship with your list and you will be successful.

Starting Email Marketing Journey

It’s been a long time since I haven’t update this blog, I’m kinda busy with my job as a Head of Digital Marketing in one of reputable digital agency in Jakarta.

I’m going to put my spare time and learn about email marketing since I’m eagerly to learn how to build a list, getting people subscribe to my newsletter, engage with them, and hopefully make profit.

So, here are the steps I take:

1. Register to some of relevant FB groups.
One thing that come in mind that I have to build relationship with list builders, they usually gather in clickbanking and solo ad groups.

2. Finding Clickbanking Partners
I’ll start slowly, start with just 4 of partners and from there I’ll learn a lot.

3. Setting Up Tracker (ClickMagick)
I kinda hate this, I already have CPVLab in my server, but since everybody in this industry use ClickMagick than I guess I have to, well it just $12/mo for start, not bad.

4. Setting Up High Converting Squeeze Page
This supposed to be easy, I have InstaBuilder, and it’s the easiest thing to do.

5. Thank You Page and Download Page Setup
InstaBuilder will do these pages for me.

6. Autoresponder Setup
Already have Aweber, will use it.

7. Tracking, Tweaking and Improving Your Funnel
These would be the hardest part? I guess so, although I’m not really new in these kinds of things, well not to be brag of course.

That’s it for now, will update later soon, and oh, I’ll need to update my blog theme, it sucks!