Target eCPM-

Cold IPs: $0.35 or less
Warmed IPs + Good Rep: $1.25+
Warmed IPs + OK Rep: $0.50

1 Domain / 1 IP / Segregated Data: $0.75-$1.50
1 Domain / Many IPs / Seg’d Data: $0.25-$0.50

Before sending even 1 email, cull your GI list by using a simple bell curve to exclude domains that exist outside of 1 standard deviation from the median email IDs per domain. If you don’t know how to do statistical math like SD, then just exclude domains that have fewer than say 100 email IDs associated with them. If you don’t know how to do that, you got probs and may want to consider doing gay porn as it will pay you better. Don’t discard these domains, just don’t mail them for now…

OK! You can see what you should be making mailing correctly from these approximate figures. I’m assuming you know what ecpm is, and that for every 1000 emails sent you will make that amount in revenue…with a $1.00 ecpm you send 1M emails and earn $1,000 in revenue.

Factors like quality of data and offers matter too, but we’re not getting that deep for now.

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